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Built by Schmant

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Project goals

The goal of the At4J project is to be a one stop shop for file archive and compression tools for Java programs. The tools should perform well and be intuitive to use. This is impossible without feedback from the user community, so please contribute to the project by sharing your opinions and reporting all quirks and bugs.

Reporting bugs

Submit bug reports on the SourceForge bug tracker. First: are you sure that this is a bug? There is a separate forum for feature requests (see below). Questions on how to use At4J can be posted on the at4j-users mailing list.

Include the following information in the bug report:

Please verify that the same bug is not already reported before reporting a new bug.

Request a new feature

New At4J features can be requested through the SourceForge feature request tracker or on the at4j-users mailing list.

Mailing lists

See here.